Tuesday, 26 March 2013

6-teen memories

Well, hello there. It's been a long time I'm not updating my blog. And, seruku sudah sampai. So.....Wachaaaa!
So.....I missed my past three dys w the aspurians& aspurans, Trip to Malacca was the b3sT tR!p 3v3R!! Trust me bullshit. Even it was tiring days we just had a really good memories to be remember. Hm...berzumba bsama Sotong&kawan-kwn amat menyeronokkan. Rugi siapa tk ikut tu...Sumpah rugi! A'Famosa Water world serious 8 wonder of the world! Hahahaha. High speed plg syyiiookk. Kriuk kriuk gituh! Spend most of the time w Miera lala and Batch'97 aspurians and so....K.Farah comel lotek kita... It such a really unforgettable memories. Dgn bumper cars nya bsama sotong, Stupid ghost house ever, Babi hutan, Hahahahahhahaa. Such a really funny sides w/ them. The conclusion is...... TRIP TO MALACAA THE BEST TRIP EVER! NEGGAYJJE JILAGGA!

My gojes bijs Xx

And for my fav girls ever a.k.a my Minah Arab.....*drum-roll Nurfarah Adiela Bt Hilmy HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BABY!!! Sorry lambat wish sbb maklumlah, tgku busy sjak akhir-akhir ni. Sibuk mlayan rakyat jelata. We have reach for 3yrs 2mnths and 26dys. Wow! Lamalah jugak. U're one of my very bestfriends and more to sister. Bestfriends is not abt who comes first but it's abt who come and left. Thanks 4 always be there for me and lend ur shoulder 4 me when I'm sad. Love you always. Idul milad ya Farah A'diela 
Teruskanlah menjadi sahabat sejatiku dunia akhirat. Akhir kata dari diriku yg comel ini...

" Good luck in ur life. Moga cita-citamu tercapai duhai sahabat! All the best for our Spm'14.
Always stick w me. Don't ever u dare leave me Beruk ksayangan!"


Enjoy ur holidays. Jgn lupa siapkan homework oteh!
And to those haters...

pMamp0s XC

Hugh and kisses,